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Collision Repair

Auto Body Refinishing

We are equipped with the latest in “Green Technology” relative to our refinishing process, and that is the exclusive use of water-bourne finishes. The AWX, water-based finishes, are manufactured by Sherwin-Williams, and are the highest quality finishes available anywhere. Water-bourne finishes are mandatory in the west coast, and several parts of the world because of their ability to use lower VOC’s, (Volitile Organic Compounds), and therefore produce substantially less pollutants than standard solvent based finishes. Continue reading

Automotive Welding Repairs

We again use several different types of welding equipment, relative to the application. The first is conventional gas welding, which is used very sparingly for accessory parts and as an aid in repairs. The second is the much more commonly used “Mig” or wire welder. A Mig uses a mix of Argon & Carbon Dioxide gases along with high energy electricity and steel wire that is fed through a handle for sure efficient joining of metals. The final & most advanced system we have is called a Resistance welder. Quite simply, a resistance welder uses spot weld technology, (the same as the factory process), to secure new panels to the vehicle, the resistance welder allows us to create a perfect factory look to the replaced panels. Continue reading

Collision Repair Measuring Systems

Our shop uses several different types of measuring systems during the course of a repair. The first is a tram gauge tool, consisting of pointers attached to a lightweight frame marked with a scale, which is used to check vehicle body dimensions. The pointers can be aligned with body dimension reference points to determine the direction and amount of any distortion or misalignment of the body. Critical areas for tram gauge measurement are the attachment points for suspension and mechanical components, because these are specially important in alignment. Continue reading

Frame & Unibody repairs

At Executive Auto Body, we do state of the art Frame & Unibody repairs. We feature three different pulling systems. We use Buske Collision Floor Posts with Hydraulics for small repairs or minor pulls. We also use a Blackhawk “Flat Rack,” this is a drive-on bench used for many light to mid-range unibody repairs. For the big jobs we have the Car-O-Liner Mark V bench, it is a much more powerful system used when performing major structural repairs to both unibody and full framed vehicles. The Car-O-Liner uses specialized fixtures to hold the vehicle in place during structural correction operations, these fixtures are unique to each vehicle, and allow us to secure & repair as needed. Continue reading

BenchRack® Car-O-Liner Mark V bench

With several models to choose from, Car-O-Liner’s BenchRack® system can be tailored specifically for your shop. The BenchRack® combines drive-on convenience with a hydraulic lift and removable ramps. A revolutionary tilt feature that makes loading easier when approach space is limited is available on all BenchRack® models. All BenchRacks share a single purpose: they allow for faster set-up times, repairs and inspections. The universal clamp and bench mounting combination provides the strongest no-slip holding capacity for unibody vehicles. Continue reading